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How to Keep Your Cat Calm at Night

Cats bring a lot of joy to our lives. Between their outlandish behavior that inspires many YouTube videos and their propensity to snuggle up on your lap just when you were going to head out the door, these adorable creatures are inherently lovable. However, one less-than enjoyable characteristic of cats is that they are nocturnal.…

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4 Things to Consider Before Adopting a Dog, Part 2

Welcome back to the Friday’s Rescue Foundation blog! First, our team would like to thank you for your interest in dog adoption. Adopting a dog is the best way to find your canine companion, and our team would be more than happy to help you find the right dog for you. While the prospect of…

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4 Things to Consider Before Adopting a Dog, Part 1

Pet adoption is the best way to find your new dog. Adopting a dog from a rescue is incredibly rewarding as you form a lifelong bond with your furry family member. What’s more, you’re helping to reduce the number of animals waiting in a rescue for their forever home. The Humane Society of the United…

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4 Rewarding Benefits of Senior Canine Companionship

There really isn’t anything that compares to canine companionship. The friendship and love that is reciprocated between a pet parent and their furry family member are incredibly rewarding to both the adopter and the adoptee. Not only are you welcoming a new friend into your home, but you are also providing a forever home to a…

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Why Adopt a Senior Pet?

When thinking about adopting a new pet, you might be picturing finding an adorable puppy or kitten to take home with you. However, just because a pet is new to you, doesn’t mean they have to be new to the world — you could adopt a senior pet. Unfortunately, most people opt to adopt young…

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FAQs About Senior Pets

These days, advances in veterinary medicine have made it so pets can live much longer than ever before. While this means that we are able to enjoy the sweet company of senior dogs and cats that much longer, it also means that we must attend to a new set of needs as our pets age.…

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Choosing a New Dog

How to Choose a Dog That’s Right for You and Your Family Friday’s Rescue Foundation wants to help you find the right pet for you and your family. After all, your pet will be with you for a long time to come! We’ve put together a list of questions, along with a few helpful links…

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Tips for Caring for Your Older Dog

Pet owners often have a difficult time accepting that their dog is aging. Maybe they are starting to have more health issues, or they aren’t jumping around the way they used to when they were a puppy. While accepting that your dog is getting older can be difficult, it’s important to adapt to the changing…

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Meet Lady Gaga

Meet Lady Gaga. She is an incredible gentle girl, taking treats with a very soft mouth and sitting patiently while waiting to be petted. A perfect day for Lady Gaga would include playing fetch, learning a new trick and lots of naps! At 4-5 years old Lady Gaga prefers not to be in a home…

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