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4 Things to Consider Before Adopting a Dog, Part 2

Welcome back to the Friday’s Rescue Foundation blog! First, our team would like to thank you for your interest in dog adoption. Adopting a dog is the best way to find your canine companion, and our team would be more than happy to help you find the right dog for you. While the prospect of adopting a dog is exciting, there are many things you will want to consider before committing to this rewarding venture. In part one, we shared some insights to help your determine whether adopting a dog is right for you. We suggested choosing a dog that best fits your household by considering the following:

  • The age of other individuals in your home.
  • If there are other pets in the home.
  • Who the primary caretaker will be.
  • The size and/or type of your home.
  • Whether or not your neighborhood is dog-friendly.
  • The energy level of the dog you have in mind.

Today, let’s look at four more considerations to keep in mind before you adopt a dog. Then, when you’re ready to start looking at young to older dogs for adoption, visit Friday’s Rescue Foundation in Groton to begin your search for your new four-legged buddy.

Four Things To Consider Before Rescuing a Dog

Consider The Responsibilities Of Dog Ownership

Now that you have looked at your household and living environment to help you determine the size and breed of dog you might consider adopting, you will want to explore the long-term aspects of adopting a dog. Adopting a dog comes with many responsibilities. Here are some of the things to consider with regard to maintaining their daily health, wellness, and happiness.

Pet Health and Wellness Care

  • Find a Veterinarian – You will want to research veterinarians in your area to find one that offers caring, compassionate vet care for all dogs. Of course, you can always ask our team for vet recommendations, it is still a good idea to research them, too. Maintaining regular vet visits and exams is part of keeping your dog healthy, happy, and active. From preventative care to microchipping, to spaying and neutering, vaccinations and dental care, these are all things your vet will help you manage.
  • Find a Groomer – While some people prefer to groom their dogs themselves, some breeds require specific grooming needs to keep their skin and coat healthy. Additionally, many groomers offer self-dog wash stations that are ergonomically designed to make bathing your dog safe and comfortable for both you and your precious pup. Locating a reputable dog groomer is helpful for maintaining nail trims, dental cleanings, ear cleanings, and other specialized grooming tasks that may be better handled by the pros.
  • Consider Pet Insurance – Pet insurance is a wonderful option for some pet parents, especially those who have puppies or senior dogs. Puppies and senior dogs often require more frequent visits to the vet, and pet insurance can make maintaining their health and wellness much more affordable.

Make Sure Your Schedule Allows For a Dog

Becoming a pet parent means there may be a lot of new changes to your usual routine. It is essential to take a look at your schedule to determine if you will actually have time in your schedule to dedicate to your pet every day. Here are some questions to ask yourself regarding your schedule before adopting a dog:

  • Am I punctual?
  • What is my work life like?
  • How far away is work from home?
  • Can I get home during a break from work to let the dog out?
  • Do I have an active social life? If so, how will this be impacted by adopting a dog?
  • Do I got out of town frequently and for long durations?
  • Can I spend plenty of time with a dog before and after work?
  • Can I adjust my schedule to give them the love, attention, and exercise they need to be healthy and happy? What’s more, am I willing to adjust my schedule for a new pet?

Look at all aspects of your work and social life schedules to determine if you can work a dog into the equation. The last thing you want to do is to bring a dog home, only to find out that you simply don’t have as much time as you had thought, which could lead to the heartbreaking trip to return your dog to a rescue or shelter.

Determine A Budget

Dog ownership can get costly. The initial cost of adopting a dog will include purchasing toys, chews, dog food, bowls, a dog bed, and other necessities, which can be shocking to some new pet parents. While the cost of adopting a dog is significantly lower than buying a dog from a breeder, monthly pet expenses should be considered before adopting a pet. Here are some things to work into your budget before you adopt your dog:

  • Monthly food expenses
  • Monthly dog treat and/or toy expenses
  • Monthly grooming expenses
  • Vet expenses (monthly, yearly, and potential emergency visits to the vet)
  • Monthly medications (e.g., flea and tick and heartworm medication) and/or supplements
  • Unexpected expenses

Estimating what it will cost each month to maintain your dog’s health and happiness can help you establish a budget before bringing them home.

Consider Fostering A Dog

For first-time pet parents, fostering a dog can give you a taste of what it’s like to own a dog, which can let you know whether or not you are indeed ready to be a pet parent. Likewise, fostering is an ideal option for those whose families, dogs, and other pets who want to see if a rescue dog is right for them. This will give you, your family, and your pets the chance to see if the dog you’ve chosen fits your family dynamic, your schedule, and your lifestyle. The most important thing to keep in mind when fostering a dog is that everything is new to them, so it’s essential to be patient and understanding. Be honest with yourself. If during fostering you find that you are not quite ready to take on the responsibility of a dog, that doesn’t mean you won’t be down the road. Learn from your fostering experience and find ways you can improve to make a long-term commitment to a dog in need of a forever home.

Visit Your Local Pet Rescue and Sanctuary

After considering all of the aspects of adopting a dog, you will want to visit your local pet rescue and animal sanctuary in Groton to find your new furry friend. This will give you a chance to meet adoptable dogs who may be the perfect match for you! At Friday’s Rescue Foundation, we are a non-profit, no-kill dog and cat rescue with a wide array of dogs in need of forever homes. We would be more than happy to help you on your journey to find a canine companion who will fit into your household and lifestyle. We have dogs of all breeds, sizes, ranging in age from young pups to senior dogs. Contact us today to find your furry family member and experience the rewarding benefits of rescuing a dog in need of a loving home.

Want to become a volunteer at our animal rescue and sanctuary? Visit our site to fill out the online volunteer application and become a part of the Friday’s Rescue Foundation team today!

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