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4 Things to Consider Before Adopting a Dog, Part 1

Pet adoption is the best way to find your new dog. Adopting a dog from a rescue is incredibly rewarding as you form a lifelong bond with your furry family member. What’s more, you’re helping to reduce the number of animals waiting in a rescue for their forever home. The Humane Society of the United States reports that there are between six and eight million animals who end up in shelters and rescues annually. While many dogs up for adoption have simply gotten lost, or had to be put up for adoption by no fault of their own, others are rescued from puppy mills or abusive owners. This means there is a wide array of breeds, ages, and types of dogs who are looking for their forever home, who each have their own personality, energy levels, and needs.

Whether you are looking for young, adult, or older dogs for adoption, there are many things you will want to consider before adopting a furry friend. Planning out a pet adoption is not only beneficial for the potential pet parent, but also for the dog. Today, we will look at some of the top things to consider before you adopt a dog. Then, when you’re ready to welcome a four-legged buddy into your home, visit Friday’s Rescue Foundation and we’ll help you find a furry family member that fits your lifestyle.

4 Things To Consider Before Adopting a Dog

Choosing The Right Pet for You

First, thank you for considering adoption as a way to find your new pet! Before you begin your search for your canine companion, you will want to consider the following about your household and living environment, which may help you determine the size and breed that will be best for you:

What Kind of Pet Best Fits Your Household?

You will want to consider any other individuals living in the home where you will be welcoming your adopted dog.

  • What are the ages of the family members living in the home?
  • Do they have allergies to pet dander?
  • Will they assist in the responsibilities of caring for the dog?
  • Who will be the primary caretaker?
  • Are there other pets in the home?

Consider the Size of Your Home

The size of your home can help you determine the breeds you might consider when adopting. While many apartments and townhomes are pet-friendly, it’s important to consider whether or not a small apartment will suffice if you want a larger breed. What’s more, you will want to also consider the outdoor environment of your home.

  • Is there a private fenced-in yard?
  • Is there a dog run?
  • Is the yard shared with other tenants?
  • Is there a dog park nearby?
  • Do you live on a high-traffic street?

Is Your Neighborhood Dog-Friendly?

Most neighborhoods in the U.S. are dog-friendly; however, there are some neighborhoods, counties, and cities that have breed restrictions in place. You will want to familiarize yourself with any guidelines or restrictions locally or city-wide. This can help you determine which dog you can adopt without getting any flack from the HOA. What’s more, always check with your landlord, property management service, and HOA to determine whether or not you are allowed to have dogs at your residence. Landlord issues are one of the top reasons why dogs are given up for adoption, so you don’t want to contribute to this cycle if it can be avoided.

Choose A Dog With a Similar Energy Level As You

When determining which dog is right for you, you will want to choose a dog that has a similar energy level to that of your own. If you’re a high-energy person who would rather be doing outdoor activities than laying on the couch reading a book or watching a movie, you might opt for a younger dog or an adult dog. If you move at a slower pace, older dogs for adoption may be a better option for you. Keep in mind that no matter where you fall on the energy level spectrum, you will still need to routinely walk, play with, and exercise your new furry friend.

Visit Friday’s Rescue Foundation

If you want to adopt a dog as your new pet, the next step is to determine whether adopting a dog is, in fact, the right option for you. Once you have thoroughly thought out these and other considerations, and have determined that you are ready to adopt a furry family member, visit Friday’s Rescue Foundation in Groton. We would be more than happy to introduce you to our young, adult, and older dogs for adoption to help you find the right a four-legged buddy for you.

Be sure to tune in for part two of this short blog series to learn more tips to consider before adopting a dog. Until then, thank you for reading!

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